Wave of Valor Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours?

7am – 2pm including set up and breakdown ( surf instruction 9am – noon)

How long do I need to be there? Can I volunteer for part of the day?

Yes, you can volunteer for part of the day. When you complete the volunteer registration form, you’ll be asked to select your shift(s).

Do I have to know how to swim?

If you plan on being a surf coach, yes (2-3 coaches per patient). Otherwise, nope!

Do I have to know how to surf?


Will you provide me with a t-shirt?

All registered volunteers will receive a t-shirt. We cannot guarantee that same-day volunteers will rceive a t-shirt, so please sign up in advance! Note that volunteers will only receive one t-shirt for 2015, even if they volunteer for multiple dates.

Will you provide me with a wetsuit?

If you are a surf coach, yes. Otherwise, nope!

I am a veteran. Can I volunteer for one camp and learn to surf at another?

The patients are provided to us by the VA. Contact your VA recreation therapist for more info.

Will there be food?

Volunteers will bring breakfast snacks, and Team RWB will provide lunch.

Are there other jobs I can help with that do not require me to be in the water?

Yes! Set up, break down, and tending to the patients when they are on break.

Can minors volunteer?

Yes! However, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and surf coaches must be at least 14.

Can I earn community service hours?

Yes! But you must provide and prepare the documentation for the VA to sign.